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Contracting in our Design & Build Shops. For architects, developers and home owners.

We are creatives from varied backgrounds and we engage in design, manufacturing and contracting.

Yard Gates

We forge and weld according to your specifications, any safety lock feature can be incorporated.

We care about hand crafting processes and manufacturing techniques. Transforming raw and reclaimed materials into products with utility, durability, with a design approach.

Manufacturing Techniques

With the craftsmen workshops, we make straightforward but satisfying items, environments and experiences

For an inspired life

Realising your interior design for homes, outdoor, exhibitions and product displays, store fronts, restaurants, bars, hotels.

Company Custom Services

From speciality excavator shovel to custom grating, you send us a sketch and we provide a quote.

Photos from various projects.

We hope to provide an added value to things, art and experiences – that people invest into.

Many of our art work and hand crafted offerings include to custom-design and make. And our services are geared towards outstanding experiences.


Straight Stairs

The photos show one project for stairs we specialise in steel constructions and include realising the staircase walls with railings – that can include various materials.

The echt Team of Associated Craftsmen


The echt Team of Associate Craftsmen

Banisters and Railings

Our railing work includes welding and forging steel; we can incorporate wood, glass, and other materials. Photos show various examples.


An encounter with an admirable item in our life
— can touch our soul
— and leave a trace in us
— that never disappears

Spiral Staircases

For spirals we can incorporate pre-fabricated elements, we offer custom welding and forging, and speciality railings. Fotos show one project in various stages.

Burglary Resistant Windows

A collaboration with Emerald Art Glass in Pittsburgh.Custom work can avoid conventional burglary bars, for back yards, basements and garages. A sturdy steel grid exhibiting a diameter of your choice reduces potential entry surface areas and replaces burglary bars. The window glass can be static or hinged, several windows in one frame are posible, the maximum angle for opening can be restricted.

Photos from various projects.

Artistic Welding, Forging and Metal Casting

In our association of ECHT craftsmen, Vaughn Washburn focuses on steel forging and iron casting. Such custom work can be stand alone art, or part of ornamental elements in larger projects. E.g., elements in railings and fences, or an entire theme for a larger design project. Such theme may be inspired by your own ideas. Some of the examples here were developed for someone who wanted to present a gift to a special person, some as corporate memorabilia.

For contracting, we currently focus on raw materials including steel, iron, bricks, concrete, raw wood and engineered wood, and glass. For more comprehensive projects, our shops include working with leather, wool, felt, cotton, linen,resins, and caoutchouc rubber.

Window Guards

For Windows, safety features come first, of course. We can add functions like sturdy hinges and locks, to enable to open them securely. We also can make sure that your view is not to much compromised. If you have design features in your space that you like to see repeated in your window guards - please send a photo. To mention an example, a family had beautiful ornaments on their 1910 fire place mantle, that we translated into the design of matching window guards in that room. Photos show various projects.

Privacy fence for a courtyard in a tightly-build neighbourhood

The clients wanted to use their courtyard more often, on a property that sits in a very densely build area. They asked asked for sight protection and requested a structure that has a contemporary modern appeal, more like an architectural sculpture than a fence. We build this sight protection out of Corten steel, that rusts naturally but then stops to protect the structure. We includes burglary resistant gates and doors. To grow plants on the otherwise brick plastered ground, we added matching planter boxes out of the same materials.

Emergency Access

Escape ramps and railings, fire door access - can all be custom build. If desired, with your design ideas. The doors can include fire-resistant glass and also sturdy burglary-resistant steel constructions with glass, to allow for daylight; also with translucent-only or patterned glass. A collaboration with Emerald Art Glass in Pittsburgh.

Photos show various projects.

Exhibit Places

Reception desks, display shelving and cabinets, multi-purpose exhibition installations can be offered according to your specifications. A collaboration with Emerald Art Glass in Pittsburgh.

Photos show various projects.

Storefront counter design

Contemporary tile designs - inspired by Art Nouveau, Art Deco and Bauhaus.

Crafted with old-world methods from the 1880s – 1920s, that were established for artisanal “Jugend-Stil" crafting in Germany and Belgium. Semi-transparent glazing with a great depth, an almost three-dimensional aspect of the color.

For complete Interior Design offerings Involving Ceramic and Other Materials - please see the Tiles and Ceramic-Associated Interior Design.

visit our tiles section

See our Ceramic Section for Tile Design and Ceramic Associated Hardware and Interior Design.

Bathroom Furniture

Speciality Masonry

To complement our welding and forging projects, we offer speciality masonry, including brick posts for forged steel gates.

The photos show one project in all phases.

Custom steel and glass combinations

In a collaboration with Emerald Art Glass in Pittsburgh, we offer custom steel windows. The work can include custom hardware and stained glass or speciality glass. Photos from various projects.

Light Sculptures

These are thought as conversation piece in a room. While they radiate interesting light they require general lighting in the space. Incorporate them to illuminate with highlights but not as light fixture. Ask us for custom- design. This work is a collaboration with Emerald Glass in Pittsburgh, our friends that can 3-D CAD cut, grind and polish crystal glass in various shapes, and vacuum high-temperature laminate color sheets in between glass panes.

Storefront Windows

Here, with color decoration laminated within the double safety glass panes. An outdoor decorative steel bar grid, that replaces conventional burglary bars and appears as art work on the outer facade. A collaboration with Emerald Art Glass in Pittsburgh. These photos show one project in all steps.

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